Friday, June 11, 2010

Pink Toenails and Purple Teeth

Today is the last day of school for the girls. Which means summer has begun! I will think positive and only rant and rave about the kids home all day if and when there are specific things to complain about. Thinking positive!

Haley will be spending the majority of the summer at her moms since she will be going full time with us once school starts again, with every other (plus some if her mom would like)weekends at her moms.

Her mom will be picking her up today after school. So last night we had her favorite dinner and this morning I spent some time with her doing her hair as she requested (ponytails, part up and part down) and we painted her fingernails and toenails pink.

Well the only other child home at this time was Ethan. As we are sitting at the table cleaning up her nails, clipping them, and then setting her hands out on a papertowel to paint. So Ethan climbs up next to Haley, gets a papertowel, and puts his hands on the towel the same as Haley has. He wants his nails sparkley too. Haley immediately turns to him and says, "Ethan boys can't paint their nails, its only for girls". Well he looked heartbroken and then tapped his hands on the table.
So, I painted his fingernails and big toenails too. Whats the big deal? He just wants to be included and have fun too.
And Daddy can relax, its not the super strong polish, its scented (ice cream cone), glitter, kiddie polish. After 2 baths it will be gone!

So Haley laughs and gets carried over daddy's shoulder to the bus stop. He was busy working during the polish session, so shhhh...he still has no idea his son has pink nails.

Now for the purple teeth (and what will follow later); I cleaned up our messes, Sesame Street was on, and Ethan was running around playing. He likes to color with Haley and I guess there were a couple crayons that missed clean-up last night. Ethan walked into the livingroom trying to wipe his tongue off making spitting noises. I looked up at him and his lips, tongue, and teeth were purple and had little pieces of purple crayons stuck to his face and in his mouth! Thankfully crayons are non-toxic.
Why do children like eating crayons? Or at least enjoy chewing them up and then spit them out? Is there some texture thing that crayons have that is appealing? They don't smell like food and I am sure they don't taste appealing. There is plenty of food available upon request in the house. I just don't get it.
Well later today, once the purple crayon pieces that were ingested make their way out, that ought to be interesting!

Pink Toenails and Purple Teeth!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Books in the Dishwasher and Socks on the Fridge

As Ethan grows every day he becomes more and more fun to play with and watch. (not that he wasn't fun to begin with).

We have a game cabinet that is basically a storage cabinet just shoved full of games. It has two large doors and three drawers below the doors. This cabinet is overflowing with games and we still have two boxes in the garage that never got unpacked.

Ethan loves to pull the games down, open the boxes, and play with all the pieces. The more games he can combine and play with all together the happier he is. Well I have gotten a bit tired of cleaning up game after game and I am certainly tired of running after him saying No over and over while he heads to the cabinet.

So the other day I got frustrated, took a wooden spoon and slid it through the handles to keep it shut. To say he was not happy is an understatement. He was pissed! He cried, yelled, pulled on the doors, told me to go (while pointing at the doors), and then just ended up crying in my lap. It was pretty funny. I did not laugh outloud at him. First I didn't want to hurt his feelings and second temper tantrums are not funny and if I laughed he might have repeated it for a laugh later. No thank you.
But it was hard not to laugh. He was down right adorable!

So he finally calmed down, had lunch, played some, and took a nap. When he got up from his nap the first thing he did was go and stare at the cabinet. This time he wasn't mad or crying. He just looked at the cabinet and I can tell you now he was thinking how to solve this problem.

He looked at the cabinet very quietly for a good two minutes. Then he turned and walked into the livingroom. He went to his toy bins and began searching (dumping some toys out) until he found his mini broom. He walked straight back into the gameroom up to the game cabinet and took one good swing at the spoon with the broom handle and knocked it out of the handles. He had a huge smile on his face as he put down his broom, picked up the wooden spoon, and brought me the spoon.

It was so funny. He was so proud of himself that I allowed him to secretly pull out a couple games, make a mess, and then I put them all away.

So the wooden spoon didn't work. SO I stared at the cabinet, looked down to the unmatched sock basket, grabbed a long pink and white sock and tied the damn thing shut. He didn't notice me doing it this time and when he did try to open the cabinet next, he didn't get mad.

So the sock worked! Well alright! Wait a minute...I have the same problem with the refrigerator and Ethan! He loves to unload the condiments from the door shelves and rearrange things (so that the door won't close). He also enjoys just opening the door and sitting on the little ledge.

So now we have a all white unmatched sock that is for tying the fridge door shut! You know what else it helps with? Teenagers who are bored starring into the fridge hoping they will find something grand in there or maybe something to do. If they have to untie the door just to get in, well that's too much work. So they move on. Genius!!! Even if you don't have kids, tie the fridge door shut, maybe you will go in there less!

Books in the dishwasher...yesterday Ethan opened the dishwasher before I walked in the room (he loves to open it while it is going) he tossed in his Polar Bear board book. I grabbed the book out quickly, closed and restarted the cycle. I dried the book off, wrapping each page in a paper towel and put a nice heavy book on top for it to dry. I never even thought that there could be more than one book in the dishwasher.
Well a couple hours later when Macy was unloading the dishwasher she found another board book farther in. Wow does that heating element work! The book was soaking wet except for one area...the very burnt cover from the heating element. Thank goodness the book was soaking wet before the drying cycle started!
I guess I need to figure out a way to lock the dishwasher...a sock will definitely NOT work. Anyone have any suggestions? LOL