Sunday, February 27, 2011

Finally added the page...

Just a quick note... I finally got a chance to focus and write out our diabetic diagnosis story. I have been asked many, many times about Macy's diagnosis and how we found out she was diabetic. I made it into a page rather than a post.
It was a tough time to bring back, but it is important for us to share what happened to us to educate  other moms and dads out there with children who may be showing early warning signs.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Mommy Wars

On Tuesday my son had a horrible dentist appointment and I told our story as I was sitting in the waiting room, powerless. I stated I was/am angry that I didn't know my baby should have his teeth wiped or brushed after nursing and that falling asleep nursing was bad for his teeth.

I got some comments, boy did I. I got some great comments from Moms who were like me and didn't know, Moms who were grateful for the information on nursing and on baby going to the dentist at age 1 instead of age 2. But I also got the 'mommy war' comments. Oddly enough all of the 4 comments I got that were negative were anonymous. (You say a lot when you say it anonymously.)

Well it got me thinking about my personal views and how little I share my opinions. I am a big believer that we each should have our own choice and right to make those choices. Yes, that means I am pro-choice (but that's not what I meant by own choices). But its not because I am anti-life, I just don't think our government should be involved. Now before you give me the pro-life vs pro-choice speech and try to correct me please understand that it is very important to me to respect other peoples beliefs and opinions. We each have the right to our own opinions and beliefs. We also each have our own reasons for believing the way that we do. Even if you disagree with someone else you can still be respectful and considerate. In turn I expect others to treat me with the same respect and consideration. (Even on the big ones like religion, political, life/choice, etc).

I think we tend to get wrapped up in why we believe a certain way and forget that other people have good reasons for why they believe the way they do as well. Every life experience we have pushes us one way or another. It is rare to find anyone with more than a few of the same life experiences we each have had. Most people aren't interested in sharing their life histories with others so that we can understand why they believe the way they do. And who can blame them? There are plenty of experiences in my life that I don't want to talk about to my closest friends and those are the ones that have shaped who I am the most. So if we all can take a step back and just remind ourselves that the person we completely disagree with probably has a very valid reason and life history that has molded what their beliefs and opinions are, then I think we have a greater chance of being a more caring and understanding person.

With that said, I am going to take a leap of faith and type out how I specifically feel on some very controversial subjects (and some not so controversial). Here are a few of my standings on such things:


Nursing (vs formula fed)


Sex education (which helps prevent needing to make the "choice")

Bearing Arms (although I also am very strict on how firearms are stored in regards to children and safety- My daddy is a retired sheriff, I grew up around guns.)

Choice (with extensive education on alternatives) I have always chosen life, but I don't want any bureaucrat telling me what I can and cannot do

Separation of Church and State



Public (discreet) nursing

Co-Parenting (even if mom and dad are divorced, children deserve both parents to be active in their lives)


Corporal punishment in children (ie, spanking, washing mouths out with soap, saucing, etc)

Health care profits (I sincerely believe all health care should be non-profit, no one should profit from the illness of another)

Physical Violence

Big Government


Judging (unless you are on a jury, its not our jobs to judge those around us)

Emotional child manipulation [abuse] (best example is when mom and dad are getting a divorce and use the children against each other and don't even see the pain they are causing their children)

Using food to control anyone (especially children). I have a list of Food rules I came up with while I worked full time and had nanny's taking care of my children.

Those are the ones I can think of right now. There are of course things that don't fall into a category of for or against. Religion is a big one. My religious preferences and beliefs are something I keep very private. I had a very unpleasant experience with my ex-husbands church members (Seventh Day Adventist) in California. So I guess you could say I am a little gun shy when it comes to sharing my religious preferences. It is always shocking to me how judgemental people (who proclaim to be non-judgemental) can be. But that is a whole other story/post/subject.

Anyway, in regards to my post earlier this week, I very pro-nursing. I have nursed all my babies. I was very lucky to be able to easily. I have a lot of sincere sympathy for those who had difficulties nursing their babies. However, at the same time I don't judge moms who chose to bottle feed their babies.

[With one exception...if you chose not to nurse your children because you wanted to preserve your lovely breasts and didn't want your baby to ruin them (you may giggle and say who does that, but my ex-sister in law did just that and was very verbal about it) then I think your a selfish woman. But aside from that, everyone has their reasons for what they do.]

I provoked what one of my readers called "the mommy wars" by being angry that there is no education in regards to possible tooth decay with nursing. I had one person share links that 'prove' breast milk can not cause decay and was told by the same person I was going to cause hysteria. Wow. Really?

All I want is someone to make a flyer that is put in those bags we get when we go to the OB/GYN and the ones we get when we come home from the hospital with our new baby. A flyer that says, "Babies who fall asleep nursing have a high chance of developing tooth decay. To prevent decay and promote healthy habits in the future, wipe your babies gums and teeth off after nursing." And to mention its important to take your child to the dentist at 1 year of age. Its a quick and easy appointment more for introducing your child to the dentist and a quick check to make sure there are no problems with babies teeth.

I don't think that I am discouraging nursing or causing hysteria by saying that or by what I said last Tuesday.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Must Read for Moms and Moms to be ~~BABY TEETH and NURSING~~

My adorable baby boy is in the other room with the dentist and anesthesiologist having his poor little baby teeth fixed while I freak the hell out all by myself out here in the waiting room.

He sat on my lap to have the mask on his face that initially knocked him out. I knew what was going to happen, but I had no idea how much it would emotionally effect me. I am a freaking basket-case! I had to stay in the room and watch them hook him up to the monitors and have his IV put in, just so I would know he was truly okay.

The dentist did the x-rays and said the fillings would take less than an hour and all things look pretty good as far as what he was expecting to have to do. That's all good. Our dentist is an amazing guy and has been wonderful to not only our children but to me as well. Not once has he let me feel responsible for my baby's poor teeth.

Of course I did research into why one of my five children has such bad tooth decay. We brush his teeth 2-3 times a day (sometimes more)! Yes, he eats sugary things on occasion (the dentist said that actually foods like goldfish crackers are worse on their teeth than candy. He said when kids eat candy we are aware and make sure to brush their teeth, but with foods that crumble and pack into their teeth like goldfish crackers we [parents] don't think anything of it. So the crumbs stay packed into the crevice's of their teeth and boom cavity!).

I found through my research that yes, everyone has different levels of tooth strength which is a factor as to why he has a decay problem and my other children didn't. Everyone has heard of bottle mouth, right? Those kids that are allowed to have bottles in bed and fall asleep with them in their mouths so that the milk (or juice) just sits in their mouths rotting their little teeth while they sleep. But guess what? It turns out that babies can get nursers mouth which is just like bottle mouth! Are you kidding me? You think that by nursing your baby you are giving him the best. You are giving him everything his little body could possibly need by nursing and not bottle feeding.

On that subject, isn't it an interesting double edged sword? If you nurse your baby society (as a group) approves, however doesn't want to observe the mother nursing their baby anywhere. (Even when a mother isn't nursing but someone perceives that she is, then they are offended.) But if you don't nurse your baby then society judges you as being a selfish mother who is obviously more concerned with vanity than her child's welfare. We all know this is a bunch of crap. There are so many reasons on both sides of each option. The easiest of which are: nursing = health of the baby, connection, cost, ease ~~ bottle = connection for father and mother, health of the mother (medications and such), mobility and convenience, and of course inability to nurse. Now those are just off the top of my head, of course there are many many more. This is one of those areas people are very emotionally connected to. Extreme pro-nursing moms (and non moms, which is kinda creepy) can honestly get a bit activist on you if you give off a vibe that 'they' perceive as morally wrong. (Perception is everything and with a whack-job, you really need to be careful what you are communicating!)

But I digress, the point I am making is that I had no idea I could be harming my little guy! I am a stay at home mother so nursing was an obvious choice for me. I never had any issues with nursing my children, it was always easy (and for that I am lucky). My twins were very big babies and I was only able to nurse them for 4 months. To me that wasn't very long, but I am told that it was great for twins. I am sure there are moms of multiples who have done better (but hey my twins were 7lbs 8oz and 7lbs 12oz when they were born) and I am sure their are moms of multiples who wish they could have gone that long. My oldest went 14 months, and Ethan went over that (lets not get into that part for this post). We do the best we can as mothers.

And that's what I thought I was doing...and I sure hope that the health benefits my son received from nursing will far outweigh this horrible dental problem in the long run. But I am still very angry I didn't know he could get 'nursers mouth'. I am pissed I didn't know 'nursers mouth' existed! I consider myself a fairly intelligent woman, I am a college graduate,  and I have 5 kids. Being a parent isn't new to me, so how is it that this is something I missed?

The dentist and I had a long conversation about it while Ethan was sleeping in my arms. He said that this is one of the reasons that the age a child should see their dentist for the first time has changed to 1 year old. That's too late though. He said it is a tough issue because pro-nursing 'people' don't want anything negative associated with nursing said or printed. Well this isn't negative unless its ignored and people aren't educated about it! There needs to be a pamphlet at the OB/GYN and the Pediatricians that says hey, nursing is great but you need to wipe your babies teeth off with a gentle cloth afterwards when they fall asleep nursing. Brushing their teeth 2-5 times a day won't help if they fall asleep nursing. Is that so hard? This doesn't sound like a reason not to nurse at all. It is a precaution and education. They have fliers for EVERYTHING else, why not this?!

The dentist just came out and asked me what I wanted to do about the 4 front teeth. It is worse than he thought when reading the x-rays. CRAP! Three of his teeth have decay in the back and are very close to his nerve roots (baby teeth are so small that the nerves are much closer than in adult teeth), so they would need root canals or they would need to be pulled. Doing a root canal on a toddler is no guarantee they will be able to keep their tooth. There is a high rate of complications and then the tooth may have to be pulled anyway. We had already decided to pull one of them earlier because he knew it was to close to the nerve. So now what do I say? (I am typing so I obviously already answered, but that was how I felt when he was asking). He wanted to know if I wanted all 4 front teeth pulled!

Oh my God! I am the worst mother ever!!! How in the world did he get this bad? Did his little teeth hurt him every day before we got to this point? It took a month to make the appointment once the dentist said it was time and before that we came in every 6 weeks for the last year monitoring his teeth and applying fluoride to them. I did exactly what the dentist instructed me to do, since we have been seeing him after Ethan turned 1 year old.  The dentist waited as long as he felt was safe because he was trying to avoid the general anesthesia.

So, we are keeping the front tooth that is okay. I can't imagine pulling it just to make it look better (how much better could it look, he is having 3 front teeth pulled!). Who does that? Apparently some do, because he said, "some parents prefer to have them all pulled so it doesn't look funny". That's pretty messed up. He needs that front tooth to help him with his speech. He will probably need speech therapy anyway, but without any top front teeth he wouldn't be able to talk at all.

I keep telling myself that we brush his teeth 2-5 times a day (every day is different as it depends on how many times he eats). What else could I have done???? Other than the now obvious wipe his teeth after he nursed every time? I wish I had known! It sounds like common sense now...but I thought brushing 2-5 times a day would cover that. I wonder if it is worse because he stopped using a binky after 3 months? Does using a binky help the baby swallow the milk in their mouths? If that's true than there is another good reason to give babies binkies.

Aftrer our first appointment at the dentist I found these really neat and useful baby teeth cloths. I started doing research on why Ethan's teeth were so bad and was trying to understand what I had done wrong. I wish I had known about them before he got his teeth!

I think I am posting this more for information sake rather than my sanity. PLEASE, PLEASE let everyone you know, to wipe or brush their babies teeth after nursing every night. Its not enough to brush 2 to however many times daily.

I guess for Halloween this year, Ethan can be a hockey player. All we will need is a hockey stick, a jersey, and maybe a helmet.

All kidding aside, those tooth tissues that are made for baby gums and teeth I mentioned earlier are a great idea and were invented by a husband and wife who are also dentists. When I originally posted this morning I didn't have the link or the information. I do now and have added the information.

Here is the link! Now keep in mind a soft cloth will work just as well since these wipes aren't cheap, but sometimes having a product for a specific use can remind us to use them. Tooth Tissues,  they are also carried at online stores like CSN . I plan to promote them to everyone and anyone I can without any compensation other than the comfort of knowing I may help a mother and baby avoid what Ethan and I went through today.


I highly considered deleting the previous comment on here from 'A Non-militant mom' simply because she accused me of being uninformed and that I would cause hysteria (leaving links that support whaterver her opinion is). She must have felt some strong reason to 'miss the forrest throught the trees' in my post...but not strong enough to leave a way to contact her and discuss it.
I have since changed the settings here just because if you want to tell me my personal experience is all wrong and I am going to cause a panic then at least have the fortitude to identify yourself.
Interestingly enough it sounds as though she doesn't want nursing moms to know that their babies can get tooth decay. Isn't that one of the things I wrote about? My dentist clearly said that anything negative associated with nursing was fought by extreme pro-nursing people. Even though nursing is not negative and tooth decay is not a reason not to nurse! So I guess I found myself an activist pro-nurser that I mentioned in my post.
Okay. Well I am leaving it because I am not wrong in my personal experience. It happened to my son. One out of five children who nursed in our home. Thats 20% in my house and that's enough of a reason to fire me up and get the word out to take precautions. That's it, precautions!
Take your child to the dentist at age 1 (its a short appointment introducing baby to dentist and a quick check of the teeth) and wipe your babies teeth off as they are sleeping in your arms after they nursed. That's it. Doesn't sound like panic or hysteria to me. Does it to you?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Temptation of Discounted Prices Everywhere

I have found many, many blogs to read and follow in the last few months. My personal favorites are the ones that actually write and make me laugh. However, there are also those blogs that do great reviews and list incredible discounts currently available. I read these blogs when their post preview intrigues me. Most of the discounts and reviews are on products I didn't even know existed. And there lies the problem...I want way too much stuff. Stuff I probably don't need, but is really cool.
 I stumbled across a really cool item tonight, its called a Scentsy Buddy. Its a stuffed animal with a pouch that holds your choice of scent packets. How cool is that? Pretty cool. Problem is it wouldn't be for me, it would be for my toddler or maybe my 7 year old (she doesn't have nearly enough stuffed animals, that was sarcasm). And would my toddler or 7 year old really want a stuffed animal with a strong fragrance of my our choice? LIGHTBULB...I just had a thought, maybe this would be a great gift for a teen who's room can smell a bit gamey?

I am going to go off on a ramble for a moment...last weekend one of the tweens had a friend over. They were upstairs in my daughters room playing on the computer and listening to music for a couple of hours. I went up to get them for dinner and when my daughter opened the door I was hit with a whoosh of rather sickly air. So as I normally do I said, "ewww, what is that smell? Are you feeling okay?" (I think you can get what I was asking her...she did.) Her reply was, "uh, Mom. Its just her (pointing at her friend)". Oh, okay. Her friend just kind of shrugged and looked a bit embarrassed, but not mortified. "Okay, its dinner time", And the door closes.
So when they came downstairs, I nicely told her friend that body odor happens to everyone and its no big deal. I gave her a stick of deodorant (because we shop at Costco I had plenty on hand and obviously she didn't) and then proceeded to embarrass my daughter (so I was told anyway). I grabbed a couple of baby wipes and handed them to her friend and said just a quick clean up and then the deodorant...should do the trick (with hand gestures of course).
smell Pictures, Images and PhotosNow here is my question;  How on earth did me suggesting to this girl to clean up and put deodorant on embarrass her more than my daughter saying that the stink in her room was her friend? I was very nice, very laid back, and as it does happen to everyone at that age I explained it was no big deal. I would think that going around smelling of BO as a tween would be more embarrassing than what I did to help. If I had a funk and was oblivious to it my friends or family better damn well let me know! I would expect honesty from them.
Now my other question is, How can a mother allow her child to go around smelling? Of course my oldest answered it best by responding with, "well maybe they all have BO so no one notices it". Okay, maybe. But when you leave your house of funk, you would notice the non-smelling people as non-smelling right?

I have rambled for far too long on a subject I never intended to write about. :0) Do me a favor, if you have tweens and or teens don't let them stink please.

So this Scentsy Buddy would be cool to disguise the odors of friends who's parents don't buy them deodorant. But aside from that I really can't think of a practical child use.
I still want one.

(If I have stuffed animals on my bed that's okay because I am already married right?)

I actually purchased two items in the last month that we didn't need but are fun. Both of these items were from and were shipped with the free shipping they have.

The first was a Cuisinart Ice Cream maker. It was marked down from $90 to $37 (shipped) and it worked out great as a 'for us' anniversary gift. We have made ice cream three times. The first my husband did while I was sick in bed (he is so awesome and helps a lot. I am just throwing that in there because I don't say it enough). He put a little too much vanilla in, but in his defense he had no idea how strong that real Tahitian Vanilla would be. Our son loved it and over the week ate most of it. The second time I made ice cream. I used a custard recipe. Lets just say it was very custardy. (Yeah,probably  not a word but that's what it tasted like). My son wouldn't even eat a spoonful. The third time was tonight, with 1/2 a teaspoon vanilla it turned out great! We use half and half instead of heavy whipping cream and low fat milk instead of whole milk. I have to say for $37, making ice cream out of half and half, milk and sugar is a great deal (tastes pretty awesome too). 

The second thing I bought this month is a Thomas the Train Trike. It was $45 and we got it shipped for $15. I can't wait for it to get here, my son is going to have a blast riding it around. Its plastic so he will be able to ride it inside the house until winter is over. Then we can move outside.

There is a necklace that I want to get each of my girls, it has their birthstone, their name engraved on them, and an additional charm of your choosing. They are really beautiful and yet very wearable for teens and tweens. The woman who sells (and makes) them even offered me a discount since I will need 4 of them. (that's even better!) Need...see? I don't need them at all, but they are so beautiful. If I hadn't been surfing my daily blogs I would never know they existed and wouldn't need them. I will however at the very least wait for a special occasion to get them.

These are from Patty at Embracelets Designs you can see them on her blog or check out her Etsy shop here . She has some incredible stuff that I would love to have.

Now to be fair, I have also found some great money saving things from the many blogs I read. Last night I texted At&t with the word "yes" to 1113020 and received 1,000 free rollover minutes. That's pretty cool. I understand it works for iPhone and blackberry users (although I would try it even if I didn't have a smart phone, just for the hell of it). No idea how long that will last, but try it.

Believe it or not, I am not getting anything for any of the above information. I only linked the Scentsy Buddy and necklaces because I think they are cool and want them for myself. Do you have anything you found that you don't need but would love to have? I bet that I will think of at least 3 more things I want that I didn't include here when I hit post.

(I just read over my post and realized I said 'that's pretty cool' way too many times... I think I need another Percocet and sleep. Night all!)

I have an additional link to add for another Scentsy connection. My sister's friend in Indiana also sells Scentsy stuff at

Friday, February 11, 2011

Involuntary Construction Complete!

Yeah, I got the warning my background would no longer be available. Yeah, I knew I should figure out what I was going to do, but I procrastinated. Then last night I was looking for something and saw my blog...without any background all blah. Damnit!

So the search began for a free (because I am cheap) background. I wish I could have just found one like the one I had (well or just kept the one I had). It wasn't easy and I am still not sure about what I chose. I guess I will just have to get used to it. I also changed over to the 3 column and cleaned up some of the stuff that was cluttering up my blog. If you feel inclined to, I welcome feedback on the new look. The most important part, is it easy to read?

The most exciting news...I finally figured out how to create the text below my button for others to 'grab'! I don't know if anyone is interested in actually grabbing my button...oh well, the point is this completely computer illiterate woman figured it out! WOOOHOOOO!!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Some Days I Feel More Like an Ogre Than a Princess

Recently my adorable son has been on a Shrek kick. All he wants to watch is Shrek movies. It could be worse, if I have to watch Elmo in Grouchland one more time I may have to claw my own eyes out. So we watch the Shrek movies happily.

The newest one Shrek Ever After (yes #4) is actually the best Shrek movie, in my opinion. I can relate to many different parts and it has a great message - you don't know what you've got until it's gone. Well I guess it could be more like appreciating where your life has taken you and letting go of the past, blah blah blah...whatever. The point is that its sweeter (in that Shrek way) and a much more sincere movie than the other three were.

My son even understands the sweet moments. He will pull my face to his and say awwww when Shrek finally realizes what he has and hugs his wife and kids at the end. Now how cute is that, huh? A two year old recognizing sincere loving moments, even if it through Shrek, is adorable!

I myself have had many days where I feel very much like Shrek in the beginning of the movie. (since this is a kids movie and has been out a while I am not too worried about spoiling it for anyone, but if I do, I am sorry) Where days start to feel the same and frustrations boil. You begin to feel trapped and a bit crazy. Every day exactly the same...wake up, wake up the kids, morning rituals, getting the kids out of the house to the bus stop on time, house work, meal planning, cooking, more house work, kids home from school, afternoon rituals, cooking, more house work, bed time routine, and then falling into bed only to wake up the next morning for it to all start again. You don't have to be an ogre for this to drive you a bit batty.

I even have those times when there is chaos all around me, every little thing, every little noise, every request, every demand, and everything that goes wrong makes me yell at the top of my lungs, (or roar if your an ogre 'do the roar')  feeling  like I may explode if I don't get out of the room immediately. Well, we do have 5 kids, 4 of which are girls, 3 of those girls are teens, and the bickering and attitudes never end.

 I love being a stay at home mom for my children and husband. I really do. However, there are days, weeks even , that I feel so smothered in the same thing day after day that I sometimes worry I may turn into a blob of a couch potato burried in garbage and dishes. Those days that the sink full of dishes, the toys strewn everywhere, the clean and dirty laundry is piling up into mountains (seperated by rooms), the garbage can overflowing (because no one but me can tell when enough is enough), and there are piles of everyone's stuff in every room - push me to the couch and drive me to dream of escaping it all.

It is not easy doing the same meanial chores every day, day after day. And although my husband is very sweet and on these days never says a word about the piles, I don't think the children even notice. Which quite frankly concerne me. I don't think they would give it any second thought if it weren't for having to wash their own bowl and spoon,  freak because their favorite jeans are still in the washer, or the times they swear someone took their stuff only to realize its where they left it in the front hall two days ago. Every time a child is told to clean their room, they swear its 'fine' the way it is. They always say, 'Mom, I can find everything just fine, its my room, and it's clean to me'. Are you kidding me? Let me get a little side tracked here...

Many years ago I used to let my car get very messy. We are talking total grossness (well to me)- mail, backpacks, jackets, bottles, sippy cups, toys, empty wrappers, empty soda cans...come on we have all either had a mess of our own like that or know someone who lets their car get that bad. One day I had a thought (you know those crazy mom thoughts that hopefully would never happen but we worry anyway?), what if we got in an accident? What if the car flipped over and my kids (at that time I had three girls and they were 2, 2, and 4 years old all still in car seats) were in the car? I wasn't concerned about being embarrassed, no the thought that struck me was, what if the paramedics and firemen had to dig through all that mess just to get to my babies to rescue them? Oh My God! It was one thought, one fleeting moment. But that was all it took for me to literally clean up my act. It scared the hell out of me that the mess in my car could hinder the rescue of my children. No one talked to me about it or put this idea in my head, it was all crazy little me. So I keep my car clean (and clean it out a lot).

So, back to the kids rooms, what if the house was on fire and a fireman had to rescue one of my messy teens? What if they burst into the room and tripped and fell over all the piles of clothes or books on the floor? What if they stepped and slipped on a bottle of hairspray? And why do my kids roll their eyes at me when I ask them questions like this? Am I that crazy to worry about their safety? Ok, I am a little crazy. Why? Because its not like an episode of hoarders or anything. You can walk thru their rooms, you can see the floor, and it only takes them 30 minutes or so to clean their rooms up when forced. So I guess I am a little crazy.

Ok, sidetrack complete. Shrek. Ever After is a movie that reminds me that everyone has times where they feel trapped by the monotony of it all. It helps me feel normal (even though I am currently comparing my life to that of the life of ogre's). What I haven't been able to do is find a way to get motivated to get my ass off of the couch on days like these...not even 5 cups of coffee can get me up and going (well other than to the powder room that is)! I realized that this must be why there are those suburban neighborhoods where mothers are doing speed and abusing prescription drugs...not that I am in any way interested in doing that...but its understandable how they get trapped in such horrible situations. All because they were probably turning into a blob of a couch potato, buried in dishes and garbage!

I found a great app for my iphone called Paperless, it is a list manager. I started using it yesterday and I am hoping and working on getting things done and my ass off the couch. What do you use for your motivation and management when times like these strike? I would love to hear from everyone who has gotten this far in this post. Come on, you put this much time into it, why not just a bit more?

If nothing else, watching Shrek, Ever After with my son makes me sappy and happy because my son gets all cuddley, touches his cheek to mine, and says awww at the same part of the movie everytime! The problem is then I just want to start the movie over and watch it with him again so I can have another awww moment. Its addicting like crack, without the side affects of lots of energy.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Twins Featured...

My beautiful twin girls are featured in now and then (8 years ago) photos over at Life with Twins and Multiples! It is so nice of  Kristen to put up these great pics so please check out her blog and of course see how adorable my girls were then and how beautiful they are now!