Sunday, February 13, 2011

Temptation of Discounted Prices Everywhere

I have found many, many blogs to read and follow in the last few months. My personal favorites are the ones that actually write and make me laugh. However, there are also those blogs that do great reviews and list incredible discounts currently available. I read these blogs when their post preview intrigues me. Most of the discounts and reviews are on products I didn't even know existed. And there lies the problem...I want way too much stuff. Stuff I probably don't need, but is really cool.
 I stumbled across a really cool item tonight, its called a Scentsy Buddy. Its a stuffed animal with a pouch that holds your choice of scent packets. How cool is that? Pretty cool. Problem is it wouldn't be for me, it would be for my toddler or maybe my 7 year old (she doesn't have nearly enough stuffed animals, that was sarcasm). And would my toddler or 7 year old really want a stuffed animal with a strong fragrance of my our choice? LIGHTBULB...I just had a thought, maybe this would be a great gift for a teen who's room can smell a bit gamey?

I am going to go off on a ramble for a moment...last weekend one of the tweens had a friend over. They were upstairs in my daughters room playing on the computer and listening to music for a couple of hours. I went up to get them for dinner and when my daughter opened the door I was hit with a whoosh of rather sickly air. So as I normally do I said, "ewww, what is that smell? Are you feeling okay?" (I think you can get what I was asking her...she did.) Her reply was, "uh, Mom. Its just her (pointing at her friend)". Oh, okay. Her friend just kind of shrugged and looked a bit embarrassed, but not mortified. "Okay, its dinner time", And the door closes.
So when they came downstairs, I nicely told her friend that body odor happens to everyone and its no big deal. I gave her a stick of deodorant (because we shop at Costco I had plenty on hand and obviously she didn't) and then proceeded to embarrass my daughter (so I was told anyway). I grabbed a couple of baby wipes and handed them to her friend and said just a quick clean up and then the deodorant...should do the trick (with hand gestures of course).
smell Pictures, Images and PhotosNow here is my question;  How on earth did me suggesting to this girl to clean up and put deodorant on embarrass her more than my daughter saying that the stink in her room was her friend? I was very nice, very laid back, and as it does happen to everyone at that age I explained it was no big deal. I would think that going around smelling of BO as a tween would be more embarrassing than what I did to help. If I had a funk and was oblivious to it my friends or family better damn well let me know! I would expect honesty from them.
Now my other question is, How can a mother allow her child to go around smelling? Of course my oldest answered it best by responding with, "well maybe they all have BO so no one notices it". Okay, maybe. But when you leave your house of funk, you would notice the non-smelling people as non-smelling right?

I have rambled for far too long on a subject I never intended to write about. :0) Do me a favor, if you have tweens and or teens don't let them stink please.

So this Scentsy Buddy would be cool to disguise the odors of friends who's parents don't buy them deodorant. But aside from that I really can't think of a practical child use.
I still want one.

(If I have stuffed animals on my bed that's okay because I am already married right?)

I actually purchased two items in the last month that we didn't need but are fun. Both of these items were from and were shipped with the free shipping they have.

The first was a Cuisinart Ice Cream maker. It was marked down from $90 to $37 (shipped) and it worked out great as a 'for us' anniversary gift. We have made ice cream three times. The first my husband did while I was sick in bed (he is so awesome and helps a lot. I am just throwing that in there because I don't say it enough). He put a little too much vanilla in, but in his defense he had no idea how strong that real Tahitian Vanilla would be. Our son loved it and over the week ate most of it. The second time I made ice cream. I used a custard recipe. Lets just say it was very custardy. (Yeah,probably  not a word but that's what it tasted like). My son wouldn't even eat a spoonful. The third time was tonight, with 1/2 a teaspoon vanilla it turned out great! We use half and half instead of heavy whipping cream and low fat milk instead of whole milk. I have to say for $37, making ice cream out of half and half, milk and sugar is a great deal (tastes pretty awesome too). 

The second thing I bought this month is a Thomas the Train Trike. It was $45 and we got it shipped for $15. I can't wait for it to get here, my son is going to have a blast riding it around. Its plastic so he will be able to ride it inside the house until winter is over. Then we can move outside.

There is a necklace that I want to get each of my girls, it has their birthstone, their name engraved on them, and an additional charm of your choosing. They are really beautiful and yet very wearable for teens and tweens. The woman who sells (and makes) them even offered me a discount since I will need 4 of them. (that's even better!) Need...see? I don't need them at all, but they are so beautiful. If I hadn't been surfing my daily blogs I would never know they existed and wouldn't need them. I will however at the very least wait for a special occasion to get them.

These are from Patty at Embracelets Designs you can see them on her blog or check out her Etsy shop here . She has some incredible stuff that I would love to have.

Now to be fair, I have also found some great money saving things from the many blogs I read. Last night I texted At&t with the word "yes" to 1113020 and received 1,000 free rollover minutes. That's pretty cool. I understand it works for iPhone and blackberry users (although I would try it even if I didn't have a smart phone, just for the hell of it). No idea how long that will last, but try it.

Believe it or not, I am not getting anything for any of the above information. I only linked the Scentsy Buddy and necklaces because I think they are cool and want them for myself. Do you have anything you found that you don't need but would love to have? I bet that I will think of at least 3 more things I want that I didn't include here when I hit post.

(I just read over my post and realized I said 'that's pretty cool' way too many times... I think I need another Percocet and sleep. Night all!)

I have an additional link to add for another Scentsy connection. My sister's friend in Indiana also sells Scentsy stuff at


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  4. Soooooooo, aren't you getting a wee bit old for a stuffed frog. Maybe you can just turn the hose on her in the back yard.

  5. ....'a great gift for a teen who's room can smell a bit gamey?' Om hy, Heather! This made me so laugh out loud because I so know what you are taling about!!!!! I have a 13yo girl who is olfactory challenged and I often go into her room (nosed pinched, of course)to spray a bottle Febreeze. Ugh.

    Too funny about the wet wipes and giving her a stick of deodarant. You may have changed this girl's life! Or, at least for those around her ;)

  6. lol - what a sticky situation! I probably wouldn't have said anything but rather just endured the agony.But I'm a whimp in the face of those type things. Good for you, for handling it. Maybe she will start taking care of herself because of you stepping in. Sad that her family didn't.

  7. oh i totally want that scentsy buddy!


    I recommend Beth from Scentsy in Indiana.

    Awesome blog post Heather,
    Your Sis