Meet The Family

Doug is my incredible husband and the wonderful father to our 5 children. The man who made it possible for us all to live happily ever after.

One of our very few pictures together. Since one of us is always taking the pictures we don't have too many of us both. 

This is Victoria and Jessica, our 14 year old twins. They are either best friends or best enemies...there is no gray area. Incredibly smart and easily bored. They have always been extreme opposites of each other, however they compliment each other very well.

Haley is 8 years old, going on 16. She may not be a teenager or a toddler, but she has enough attitude in her little tiny body that I think she qualifies as a teen. She is absolutely adorable.
Haley is very dramatic, about EVERYTHING! She is our foot stomping, door slamming, comment for everything girl.

Macy is 16 years old. She has the biggest heart out of everyone I know and she wears that heart on her sleave. She is beautiful and strong. She was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was 7 years old. She is stronger than I could ever be with all she has to do with her diabetes.
She is a major help to me when we can get her away from her computer, books, and friends!

This is Jessie and our oldest Tessa. When we say we have 5 kids, we aren't counting her. One because she is an adult and two because she is technically my ex-step-daughter (from my first marriage). However, she is a huge part of our life and our girls half sister. We are still trying to get her to move out here from California so she can go to college.

Our only son, Ethan. Ethan is now 3 years old and spoilied rotten. As any boy with 4 older sisters should be.

The girls and Ethan with our extended family: Lucas and Lilly (Hale's siblings)

The newest member of our family, Tucker. We adopted him from a rescue program. We have no idea exactly what kind of dog he is other than adorable. If we could just get him to stop chewing on everything and stop him from eating things off the counters he'd be the perfect family dog.