Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Magical Laundry Basket to Freedom

If you are two years old, than something as simple as a laundry basket can be the key to your freedom! With a magical basket in tow you can reach; the kitchen sink to play with running water, the tall dresser that Daddy keeps all the fun stuff from his pockets, the entertainment center where they keep your DVDs hidden away from you, and don't forget all that great stuff on the high shelves in the freezer (thats where Mommy keeps the ice cream bars)!

So where does a two year old little boy find one of these magical baskets? Well in a house with four older sisters of course. Hey, don't worry about all that folded stuff inside the magical basket, it won't help you anyway. Just dump it out and you can go anywhere!

What to do when you are caught with the magical basket is simple. First you must smile adorably, giggle a little, and then do something really cute like climb inside of the magical basket and act like thats all you wanted it for, maybe they will even pull you around in it for fun. If its one of those four older sisters or even Daddy then you will be fine, they fall for that every time. If, however you are unlucky enough to be caught by Mommy, well then, the gigs up. You can't fool the Mommy. She is the one who spent all that time making those weird folded piles that get in your way in the magical basket, she will probably be unhappy. Maybe next time buddy (like as soon as she leaves the room).

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