Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mornings in Madness

Every successful weekday morning starts at 6 am. I wake up each child (while trying to keep Ethan asleep) by opening their door, turning on their lights, and verbally telling them its time to wake up. Then about 10 mins later I do the same thing all over again.

Successful mornings mean the children all get up, get ready for their day, and catch their buses on time. There is always some kind of argument, I have given up trying to have a fight free morning. It could be over clothes, bathroom time, food, a look one gave another, and so much more (the reasons get worse as they go). When on time they go out the door in shifts; 7:05, 7:15, and then 8:40.

The majority of our weekday mornings are what I would call semi-successful. Everyone makes it to their buses on time and thats pretty much it. I am surprised how quickly each of them can move when it is neccessary.

Yesterday morning is what Macy would refer to as an "epic failure". They all overslept, missed their buses, and I had to drive them all to school. Macy, Victoria, and Jessica's schools start at the same time, but they are on opposite sides of city. Macy's high school is only 6 miles away while the twins middle school is 12 miles away.

After getting them dropped off Haley and I returned home. Her elementary school starts an hour later than the others. She apparently hadn't gotten enough sleep because she was seriously dragging ass and somehow managed to walk out the front door as her bus was pulling away. Rather than get upset with her which would have just started her school day badly, we just hopped in the car and drove her to school. Which is the closest school thank goodness at only 3 miles away.

Regardless of how well the mornings go or how badly, the best part is the quiet Ethan and I get to share once all of the girls have left. Until 3:15 we are alone and can watch whatever movies he wants over, over, and over again uninterupted!

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