Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pain and the Pain Pill Haze

So things went well with the surgery. (It was one of those girlie area type surgeries, so I have no intention actually talking about the surgery itself). I am in bed being pampered by my wonderful husband. The kids have their extortion bribery chore charts they have been doing pretty well sticking to. My baby doll (2.5 year old son who is a total momma's boy) is having a hard time understanding why mommy won't play like she normally does, but he is being pretty good as well.

PhotobucketI am in pain. I have pain pills. I am taking my pain pills. So actually at the moment (if I don't move) I am not in pain. If I move then its a whole other story. I don't care for the fog that comes with pain pills or the way you doze off without realizing it until you wake up. I think I did just that a moment ago, ha ha. One minute I am typing and the next I'm lifting my head up off the pillow. So I don't like having this hazy no control over my own mind feeling. However, I do dislike something much more than the haze...PAIN. I am very much against it. If there is anything I can do to avoid pain, I will. So I am hazy and foggy.

I was trying to think of something funny, brilliant, or at least entertaining to write today. I still have not come up with anything. Its raining and dreary out, there is nothing to watch on TV, and I am bored. I am so bored that I actually cleaned up a little when I was downstairs for a snack. My husband asked me what I was doing and I actually said just cleaning up after myself. I was cleaning up after more than just myself but I didn't want to get reprimanded so I fibbed and stopped cleaning.

I am laying in bed watching Red (which is a great action/comedy movie) and about to fall into that comatosed state again. Please forgive any run-on sentences (that are beyond my normal ones) and grammer/spelling issues in this lovely action packed post. Oxycodone is my friend until the pain is gone and it turns out Oxycodone is against good grammer, correct spelling, and things making sense in general. Oxycodone is that passive aggressive friend who somehow always manages to get their way.

I will hopefully be clear enough to write something coherent soon.  Night all.


  1. And here we thought you'd reveal something completely inappropriate under the influence.

  2. Wishing you a speedy recovery.


  3. ahhh...while I must be careful with direct posts Mrs. Tuna, now is a great time to ask me questions you never know what I may say! LOL

    Thanks for everyone who has sent me positive thoughts and wishes. I appreciate it. Every morning is a new start and fresh pain. I hear it will be less and less any time now...any time, not yet though...

  4. Relax and let your body recover! Heres to a speedy recovery.

  5. Hope you feel better soon! I'm a new follower from the Tales from the Nursery blog hop. I'd love a follow back at

  6. Okay, you are a dedicated blogger, I am seriously impressed. You just had surgury and you're writing. Go you, girl.

    I am hoping that you get feeling better soon. Pain isn't fun at all. But happy pills are lovely :)

    Russo @

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  8. Hope you feel better soon! Red is a great movie and a wonderful distraction. I seriously thought Bruce Willis' g/f would end up as a spy, but I guess now.

    Speedy recovery to you. Following you back from the Fab Friends blog hop :-)

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  9. I am now following you thru GFC as a new follower. I am new to blogging with a little over 2 months and learn something new every day. I will make mistakes so please be patient until I get the hang of it all. I would greatly appreciate a follow back. Thanks! (get well soon)!


  10. I do hope your recovery is going well. I too am not one for pain or the haze, so it is a tough go when the meds are needed. I love to see that your husband is pampering you 'way to go' husband. What a blessing to have the 'chore charts' in place so they know the expectation while you are down for a bit. Rest well.