Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My First Wordless Wednesday...

Wait, what are the rules for wordless Wednesdays? Am I allowed to use any words? If I can't use any words than how will anyone know whats going on in the pictures? I mean you could guess, they are pretty self explanatory...I would be willing to even say that the pictures could tell a few different stories just because my children are so dramatic and silly. So I guess I won't say anything. I will make it wordless. Well, starting now.

(I took these through our backdoor window while they thought no one was watching...I am always  watching! Ok, now I will start the wordless part...)

WAIT, WAIT, WAIT! How come whenever my kids take pictures of me they always seem to get these kind of shots? I mean really, you had to click the button then?

Ok, well this one isn't so bad. I guess I will resume wordlessness...
(its a word!)


  1. That's why I link up with the WordFUL and Wordless With Words linkys. I can't be wordless! There are too many words in my brain that have to come out! Today's post was as wordless as I've been in a long time.
    I love your pics, they tell a story!

  2. Great pics! It doesn't really matter whether it's totally wordless or wordful! No hard and fast rules, just fun!

    Have a nice day!

  3. Veronica you are right. That is why we tell one pic is equal to 1000 words.

    Cv examples

  4. So funny! I have a hard time with Wordless Wednesday too!

  5. Welcome to the W/W club! =D Gotta love the kiddos--mine always seen to get a picture up my nose. LOL Happy Wednesday!

  6. Word or without. Pictures are great!

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  7. New follower from the hop. Wish we had a swingset in our backyard for my younger boys..

    And, I have to sneak up on them with a camera or they go hiding (except my toddler.)

  8. I have a real problem with being wordless...never going to happen! Love the pics! I am the mother of a teen and a an 8 year old! Visiting and now following via Thursday Cup of Joe Hop...hop on over to mine and follow back if you like!

    Jessica K

  9. I like your sense of humor. This was fun to read. Wordful works for you.

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  10. Cute pics! I love your quote! Who wants to be well behaved when you can make history?!?! Hi! I am your newest follower from the Tailspin Blog & Social Media Hop. Would love a visit and a follow back: Thanks!

  11. Love the pictures! I really love the one of your daughter and son both holding the pull up thingy and the pic of you pushing your son on the swing <3

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  13. Ha! Love the pictures!! It always makes me smile to see pictures that tell a story like that. And I totally agree about the pictures that kids're brave to post yours! (Although I liked it).

    Becca @

  14. Oh Wow! These are great pics!

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  15. Great pics.

    I always have trouble keeping my Wordless Wednesdays wordless too. I don't think anyone really minds :)

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