Monday, July 11, 2011

I Really Am The Cool Mom!!!

I am preparing to have yet another surgery. Deep Sigh! (There is a light at the end of the tunnel, so it is all okay.) As I was getting my house in order for me to be down, in bed, for a bit, I enlisted the help of my beautiful girls to help me out. Now its summer and seriously who wants to clean and organize for mom all day? No one. And I understand. To be honest I would rather not do it myself. So, I planned a little motivation.

My girls are 13, 13, and 16 (and add a friend who is visiting for a few weeks who is also 16). They have all been asking me to put color in their hair. Streaks, all the underneath, 3 different colors of streaks, and one wanted her whole head of hair one vibrant color. So, I bought the neccessary supplies, proposed my plan, and we all got to work. (I did get permission from our visiting friend's mom before adding any color to her hair. I'm cool, but not stupid.)

So the downstairs and the upstairs of my house are clean and organized. They did a great job helping (thank you ladies) and it was time to pay up.  I spent an entire day playing with hair and making a mess with color.

Here are our remember, its just hair. The color is semi-permanent, it will wash out eventually, and its summer. Besides, I the cool mom. Didn't you hear?

 Toria with her blue, black, and blond streaks

 Macy with her purple hair underneath (the entire bottom section)

 Zoey (visiting friend) with her blue streaks

 Our first attempt at an entire head of blue hair... didn't get the results she was looking for.

DO-OVER! My smurf, Jessica with her very blue head of hair.
 All that matters is she is happy with it!

It was fun to do but a pain to clean up after. I would have loved to snap pictures of them all with their heads wrapped up with saran wrap waiting for the colors to set, but they didn't like that idea at all. Aparently they didn't want anyone to see them that way. But its cool to have colored hair, LOL!
Teen girls are funny.


  1. I love it! I just took my youngest daughter (10 yrs old) to get 3 hot pink streaks in her hair. It's so cute!

  2. Awesome, they look fabulous. I ♥ Jessica's blue-ness!
    I used to have candy pink hair but did away with it because I was getting married. I so want to do it again though and hubby says go for it =)

    Kia @ A view From Here

  3. You are a very cool mom!!!
    Good luck with your surgery... keep us posted on how your doing :)

  4. The new cool trend apparently is to put feathers in your hair. I'm not cool enough for that.

  5. Hope you have an amazing weekend :)

  6. Hey there I just wanted to touch base with you-you mentioned surgury and I was hoping that all went well. PS Love the blue hair shots.