Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ninja's, Terrorists, and Comic Books Oh My!

Yesterday on the way to my doctor appointment for my messed up foot the conversation between my husband and I went something like this (you just can't make this stuff up):

Hubby: Honey, I know you want me to buy a Honda Accord for my next car, but I really think I want a Dodge Challenger.

Me: (Huge eye roll)

Hubby: What is it you don't like about the Challenger?

Me: I just don't see why you would want an unreliable vehicle that would immediatley lose more than half its value.

Hubby: Well what is it about the Honda Accord that you like so much?

Me: It's a reliable vehicle that will maintain its value.

Hubby: I just think the Dodge Challenger is more me. You know, its more who I am.

Me: (you can hear it coming can't you?) You mean your unreliable and  lose more than half your value immediately? (Yeah I actually said it with a straight face!)

Hubby: (Huge eye roll)

Me: (Now laughing uncontrollably)

Hubby: So how about we buy the Accord but they have to throw in a auction value American made sports car with it? Two for one.

Me: Many Honda's are assembled in America.

Hubby: I don't want to support terrorism. (chuckle)

Me: (laughing again) Japan doesn't have terrorists.

Hubby: Uh, yeah they do. Haven't you ever heard of Ninja's?

Me: Ninja's? Really? Ninja's aren't terrorists.

Hubby: Sure they are. They are sneaky little bastards that cause destruction, death and inspire fear.

Me: Ninja's opperate in secrecy, they don't claim responsibilty for their violence. Plus Ninja's aren't real.

Hubby: Just because they don't publically claim responsibility doesn't make them not terrorists. And they are too real.

Me: Ninja's are real? When was the last time you saw a Ninja attack? Or even heard about one on the news? No left over flying stars, no fleeing men in black...

Hubby: Did you not hear me? That's because they are sneaky little bastards!

Me: Ninja's aren't real, they are only in the movies. Like Superman and Batman.

Hubby: Superman and Batman are comic books. Ninja's are in ancient scrolls. They are real.

Me: Ancient scrolls are just another form of comic books.

Hubby: (uncontrollably laughing) So ancient scrolls are just comic books?

Me: Yep, one form or another.

Hubby: So what's the bible then? Just another form of comic books?

And I have to stop with the telling of the conversation we had at that specific point... This was a very real discussion we had on our drive. Just because laughter was free flowing doesn't make it unreal. I love my husband! And yes, he will probably start out with an 'American made' car to be replaced later with a Honda Accord when the 'American made' car breaks down repeatedly.


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  2. This is my favorites story ever!! I guess ninjas can be resl sometimes (: amazing!