Friday, October 29, 2010

BUT WHY?????

But Why? Every day we are asked this question over and over by our small children, but they are not the only ones who ask why all day long! I do it too! Here are some of my whys?....

Why do you leave your candy wrappers laying everywhere you have been? Its like a crumb trail letting me know your activities for the last few hours! Is it really so hard to just cram them in you hand and then drop them in the garbage can?

Why do you insist on locking your door when your sound asleep at night? Why don't you lock your door when you leave in the morning? You know your brother can't come in your room in the middle of the night while your sleeping, but he can while you are at school. And how am I supposed to wake you up in the morning if your door is locked?

Why are there ties, dress shirts, and suit coats all over the house? Why don't you just take them up to our room when you go change into your jeans?

Why can't anyone in this house pick up their clothes off the bathroom floor and walk them 3 feet to the laundry basket? Why is it my fault when the jeans your looking for are behind the door in the bathroom where you left them?

Why doesn't clearing your place at dinner include your cup and silverwear? It does? Then why am I always clearing cups and silverwear off the table after dinner?

Why can't you put your silverwear with the other dirty silverwear, your dirty cup with the other dirty cups, your dirty plate stacked nicely with the other dirty plates? Why does everyone in the house rinse their plate (yes, thank you) and then throw everything into the sink? Then I have to re-rinse everything and sort it our to put it into the dishwasher...I don't like sticking my hands in the yucky ucky sink either!

Why is it when I text you with a reminder to come do your chores you say you didn't get the text or you didn't hear your phone go off but if your friend texts you, you know before the alret is finished going off?

Why do people lie? I don't mean the lies that are meant to keep from hurting other peoples feelings, I mean the stupid, it took a ton of energy to come up with such a stupid absurd lie instead of just telling the truth by saying three easy words, "I don't know"? Why is it so horrible to admit you may not know something? Don't people realize they are thought even less of when they are stupid for lying instead of honest and just uninformed on the whatever the subject?

Why do I need proof of residencey to change my address with places like Costco? Does it really matter to you where I live? Why would I make up a false address for a warehouse membership? Why?

Why do some people tailgate so badly when there is nowhere to go? I mean they can see both lanes are full up on both sides, both sides going above 60mph, everyone doing there best to get to where they are going. Why the hell do you need to ride my ass and try to weave in and out of traffic when even after passing us and a few more cars at the next light we will all be right there together again? Why?

To my 2 year old;

Why can't you hand me the wrapper or banana peel as you are taking it off instead of tossing it on the floor behind you?

Why can't you just say you are all done instead of throwing your plate on the floor? Or if you don't like something why don't you just say no and hand it back to me, why do you throw it on the floor instead? Why?

Why do you pour your drink out and slurp it up off the plate? Why?

Why do you grab my Iphone, run away from me, and when I even get close to you you throw it on the floor? Why? Why do you have to throw it?

I love the kisses and the rubbing of noses, but why do you have to end all that cuteness with a surprise Noggin (which is disney code for headbutt)? Why?

You do so great not putting things in your mouth, I know I can trust you to play with toys that are for oldre kids. Except anything NERF! Why? Why do you chew huge bites out of anything nerf? Why?

Why did you flush your toothbrush down the toliet?

Why do you like Elmo so much? He is creepy! And you seem to know it. Come on you know he creeps daddy and I out, otherwise WHY else would you put your dance with me Elmo in places like standing outside the bathroom door when one of is in there, or by the front door before daddy gets home, or on top of the DVD player looking at us? Why?

Oh I have so many more but alas...I need to do some dishes and get off my tush. But WHY?!!!!


  1. Door locks and privacy are a privilege until you are an adult. Lock the door when you shouldn't, lose the lock. As for the two year old, you're on your own. :)

    And am I the only one who doesn't like Elmo mainly because he doesn't use proper grammar?

  2. We promote the locking of all doors because we have a 2 year old (we use those little key thingys to open the doors, I just hate looking for them when I wasn't prepared to).
    And yeah, I think you may be the only one who dislikes Elmo for his grammer, lol.

  3. I have some similar complaints, but I never get to air them ...cause that would be nagging. BLEH...Glad you took a chance to vent. This so helps doesn't it? :)