Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Costumes for Girls

Why? Why do Halloween costumes for girls have to be so damn skanky? There was a line in the Movie Mean Girls that said it was the one time of year every girl could dress up as a slut or something to that affect. Why?

We went shopping for costumes tonight and Macy isn't interested in trick or treating (yay!) but the twins at almost 13 are just above the childrens sizes and way way below the damn skankyness of the adult costumes!

Even the Junior size ones are way too risky...where in this country is it 75 degrees on Halloween night? We lived in California for, well forever except the last 2 may be colder here than there but how in the world can these costumes be comfortable for trick or treating? And thank God they can't wear costumes to school anymore! Its bad enough the twins have boyfriends!

Well, Haley is still in the cute phase as a Littlest Pet Shop Bunny this year. She really wanted to be a tiger until she saw those costumes, thankfully they were on sale!

Ethan will be that creepy Elmo guy...but it makes him so happy and Target had it on sale! Boys are soooo much easier. You don't have to find shoes, stockings, make-up, etc... oh and then worry that they may freeze to death trick or treating!

Doug will be answering the door this year which will be a challenge as the Steelers will be playing right around the height of trick or treating time... We got the good candy, chocolates... in hopes that we won't get any angry kids throwing tp or eggs around the place. I suppose if Doug gets too distracted with the game, he's the one who will be cleaning the mess.

I hope the girls have fun, get lots of candy, don't wear me out, and we don't freeze to death! Pictures will be coming long as the twins can figure out how to tone down their costumes. Otherwise they may never get to leave the house, ha ha!

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