Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thankful VS Pissy...

Today was a very long day. So I have a good news and bad news sorta list to vent in my own thankful vs pissy style. Are you ready? Are you sure you are ready? Ok, here we go. Hang on to your diapes babies!

I am so thankful that I got to sleep in this morning! Thank you honey for getting the 3 of 4 kids off to school! That was lovely. I was pissy because my oldest went to school. Hmmm, that doesn't sound right, wait for it.... she had an Endocrinologist appointment today and her high school is 30 minutes away. Although I completely love the fact that she wants to go to school even for just a couple hours, she added 1 more hour of driving to our total driving time of just over 5 hours today (it would have been 4 hours).

I am thankful we have such an incredible endocrinologist for my daughter Macy (she is a Type 1 Diabetic). He has a PA whom my daughter loves (because he has an incredible bedside manner) and the Dr whom we refer to as Dr. Blunt because he doesn't sugar coat anything! (My daughter doesn't like him at all, but I really do and he is incredible). I am pissy because we have to drive just under 2 hours each way to get to their office. Before we moved to our new home they were only 45 minutes away which was nothing, but now the drive is a bit crazy!

I am thankful that my daughter Haley got to meet and spend time with her mom and her brand new baby sister, Lilly. We let her skip school (since its a 2 day week and really all she missed was a class party) since her sister was born on the 16th and we had to drive that way for the Dr's appointment. (We would have gone sooner, but we got our first snow the day she was born and the roads were a mess, some still are). I am pissy because poor Lilly was born 6 weeks early and although she weighed 5lbs 11oz and is doing well, she isn't doing well enough. She had a tacha something issue this morning (heart rate spiked really high and then she corrected it). She may not be my daughter and she may be my husbands ex-wifes baby but she is also my wonderful step-daughters baby sister. Please send positive thoughts, prayers, or whatever your personal belief system uses to help her get healthy and home for Christmas!!!

I am thankful that Haley's little brother Lucas was relatively good while he went with us to Macy's doctor appointment so that Haley and her mom could go spend time at the hospital with Lilly. And Ethan was an absolute angel, waitting and quietly playing with a Mr. Potato Head the entire time. I am pissy because I was stuck in a small room with a 15 year old girl who knew the appointment was going to end with lab work (ie getting her blood drawn), a 4 year old boy who can't stop talking and asking questions, and my 2 year olds son Ethan for over an hour past our appointment time.

I am thankful Macy was so vigilant in her blood sugar testings and remembering to bolus insulin for everything she ate that her A1C level dropped .4 in just 40 days. She had a few ups, but mostly target range sugars with more lows than we are used to to keep us hopping(which bounces the A1C levels around, going low-eat bounce up high). She didn't gain any weight (which is difficult to do when you are bringing your blood sugars down. Your body naturally breaks down your body fat for the stores of insulin in the fat when your blood sugar runs high. So when you are running at the target zone and doing well most people will gain a few pounds. So that means she kept active enough to keep any weight from accumulating) so great job baby! I am proud of you. I am pissy because my baby will be a Type 1 Diabetic for the rest of her life and there is not one damn thing I can do to make it all better.

I am thankful we have such great roadside assistance through USAA. I am pissy because since we were running late for our appointment (after driving 2 hours I was not about to have them tell me they would have to reschedule our appointment) and we got stuck in between not 1, not 2, but 3 big rig trucks controlling the speed in both lanes at 15 mph under the speed limit I pushed things too far. I know I can go quite a ways once the fuel light comes on, I worked for Honda for over 5 years. But I pushed it too far. So after waiting an hour past our appointment time to see the Doctor, having blood drawn, and the backtracking search for Mr. Potato Heads mouth we had to wait another hour in a cold car for fuel to be delivered.

I am thankful we got home safely and well. I exchanged Lucas for Haley (which poor Lucas was very upset about, he wanted his Haley to stay) We ate crappy food on our drive home, which I am neither thankful or pissy for. Ethan fell asleep 2 minutes before we pulled into the restaurant we were going to eat at. And since I believe its a sin to wake a sleeping baby, we managed with drive thru. Well most of us did. We went to KFC, which is Macy's favorite fast crap food. She only gets a bowl. As I explained to Haley that a bowl had mashed potatoes, gravy. chicken, corn, and some shredded cheese she got excited and said oh yum, I want what Macy wants, from now on for everything. This was a bit  of a shotgun reaction that she very quickly took back with full on whiny drama. Which brings me to, I am pissy because I told her what was in those bowls and she wanted one. After 5 minutes of cranky and angry noises from the backseat I finally asked her what was wrong. "I don't like this. Its all together." Yes Haley, its in a bowl. "well you didn't tell me the corn would be mixed in. I don't like it". This was followed by a back and forth routine between Macy and Haley all about the food all going to one place. Its too bad she didn't like it, because it will be awhile until our next fast crap food purchase. I am not a big fan of it.

I am thankful my wonderful husband had a nice relaxing day at home by himself for the first half and then play time together with the twin teens. I am glad there was no fighting and attitude issues. I am pissy because after my day in the car with the 4 children and all its stress, I came home to a house that was a mess. I don't think going into this one is necessary, you get the point.

I am thankful all of my children are respectful, polite (for the most part), and don't bully others. Aside from fighting with each other, our kids are well behaved and good kids. They are loud, opinionated, and quite mouthy at times. But overall they are good kids.I am pissy because for the third time our children have had a problem on their bus. First Jessie was written up by the bus driver for inapporpriate behavior and once everything was worked out, he just assumed it was her that had yelled and thrown whatever it was. So after a long talk between my husband and the vice principal this was taken care of. Then about a month ago Jessie and her friend switched shoes. She was wearing her friends boots, and her friend had Jessies DC skater shoes in her bag (since her last class was PE and she kept her running shoes on) along with binders and notebooks. There was a fight on the bus and during the comotion, her friends bag was stollen. The bus driver was told by the girls, he did nothing. My husband called the school and again with the vice principal was led around in circles and nothing, nothing came of it. Well today a group of very obnoious kids (6-7-8th graders) were squirting lotion all over and thought it was hilarious. Our daughter Toria has very long thick hair and they squirted a large amount of lotion in her hair, against her will of course. The girls have a lot of friends and when one of them saw what happened they told Toria. She was furious, as I am and would have been myself. (although my husband is more angry than we are so he is going to handle it) According to our girls this group of kids is always causing problems and their circle of friends avoid them in a huge way. What is frustrating is that this bus driver is the same driver for our middle school twins and for Haley in elelmentary school. Since day one I listened to him yell (in a bellowing manor) at the kids when they board the bus (from at least 300 yards away). My husband is done with the vice principal, he will be dealing with the principal tomorrow. He called and spoke to the vice principal and made it clear that he considers this a form of assault (not battery but assault, much like spitting on someone is legally assault). The vice principal agreed with him which is a step in the right direction. Tomorrow will be fun. Yay.

And finally I am thankful that I was able to run outside for a moment and catch a glimpse of the lunar eclipse tonight. I didn't think I would be able to because my son is sleeping on me. So I am also thankful for a friend Tony who posted pictures of the eclipse in its stages. I am pissy simply because I would have really enjoyed seeing all of the total lunar eclipse on this full moon winter solstice. But I will get over it...

No matter how many things make me pissy it just doesn't matter because I have:  wonderful friends and family, a caring, sexy, loving husband, incredible children, a warm and comfortable home, and a sense of security that has nothing to do with money but everything to do with the family support and love we have.

Cheers to venting! Enjoy this wonderful Holiday Season!


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  8. wow. must have been the eclipse because I was very very pissy yesterday and had an awful day...well awful in my book...yours seems a lot longer and a lot harder! I am so excited to hear about the baby! I am praying for her!

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  9. HAHAHA You are so funny :)
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