Saturday, December 11, 2010

Why? Note to self...

How about some random whys and notes to self...? Oh, why not?! Whys are fun...right? (whether they are or not I am still gonna do them)

Why is it 17 degrees outside without snow? I love it when it snows. I am not a big fan of driving in it, shoveling it, getting cold and wet, or having it tracked through my house by my kids but it is so pretty and just doesn't seem like Christmas without a blanket of white outside.

Note to self, leaving the baby wipes in the car isn't a good idea. When we got in the car yesterday I needed a wipe to clean off my son's sticky hand. So when I picked up the bag of frozen wipes and smacked myself with them (due to the momentum because they were heavier than I estimated) I realized that they were an entire block or brick of wipes!

Why is laundry so dang hard to complete? No matter how much time I spend sorting, washing, drying, folding, and putting away I still have an enormous pile in my bedroom of everyone elses clothes! Maybe I should limit the kids to 2 outfits a know, hey don't get that dirty you are wearing it all week! LOL, ok maybe not but it would help the piles in my room.

Why did I drink wine while I was doing my Christmas cards? Ok, I know why I did so maybe this is more of a note to self...I'm just not so sure I thought it all the way through. I hope I didn't send some people 2 cards and hopefully I didn't say anything inappropriate!

Why wasn't I more careful ordering cell phone cases for my twin daughters twin phones? Now I will have to send back the first order. Why? Because I ordered cases for the Samsung Solstice and not the Samsung Solstice II's. And why don't they have cute stuff for newer phones? Why do they have to be old to get the different colors and prints in the accessories?

And while I am at it for the covers...why would Otterbox not have the Ipod Touch 4 cases out yet? So I am supposed to be okay with the new thing getting trashed and then get a protective cover? Yeah, sure protecting one that is already scratched or has been dropped multiple times makes perfect sense to me!

Why is my kitchen floor always such a mess! Having a dog to run around after my messy kids sounds pretty great about now, but we have asthma issues! So my sisters floor will always be cleaner than mine! I think a drain in the kitchen floor like in restaurants is a great idea! I can't exactly add one to my kitchen, but I can dream about just hosing the damn floor down!

Why can't the twins be too old for a sleep-over birthday party? How am I going to survive 20 13 year old girls all in one place (my house)? They talked about having separate parties for awhile, but they have some friends that they share and we already moved their birthday since the actual day was the day before Thanksgiving. I will not be entertaining them! Toria asked me what we were going to do at her party this morning. I said you get to eat, have cake, open presents, watch movies, and then hopefully sleep! Thats it. And I mean it! Notice that there is no line about time for fighting and girls being mean to each other? I have allotted no time for such things so I expect everyone to be nice and sweet! Yeah, I know I am out of my freakin mind!

Why isn't my tree decorated yet? Its been up for over a week. Oh..oh... I know, I can have the teen girls decorate it! Ha Ha...of course I will have to drop that "I must control everything and it must be perfect" crap if I am going to have them do it. Hmmm...I guess we will have to see how I am feeling. (Is it inappropriate to drink wine while other peoples teen girls are in my home? My husband will be here and although he will probably be hiding, he will be sober. I need feedback on that one!)

Why does my nose get so cold? Everything else on me is warm and normal, but my nose is freezing! Why? The thermostat says its 70 degrees in here. Is there a different climate around my nose?

Why do home builders design homes with the heating/cooling vents underneath the windows? Not only are we losing heat thru the windows (even though they are insulated and all that) but my curtains poof up when the heater comes on and then they don't lay flat. Its kinda annoying. (And don't even get me started on the vents themselves...I have a 2 year old boy! Enough said on that.)

Why does Jessie like to use my computer so much when she has one of her own in her room? And why did I let her use mine when I was mid-post with this? And why would she close all the windows so I forgot I was in the middle of posting?

Only changes since I started this post three days ago, my tree is decorated. I will be starting my Christmas baking as soon as this Birthday party is done. After my hang over is gone of course. So my next I let my husband wrap my new stand mixer or do I use it right away for Christmas baking?

To recap the questions I would like input on...drinking (on the down low) with a house full of teens if my husband stays sober and the mixer...wrap or use?


  1. Hi. I'm following back from the Saturday Stalk. Thanks for stopping by I say use the the mixer but wrap the empty box. That way, you can bake with your new appliance and still have something to open at Christmas and take pictures with. My husband and I do this often ;).

  2. I have this problem with my dishes! Every day...and they still pile up moments after I have it all cleaned up....never ending battle that I hate!!

    P.S. Following from the Saturday Stalk Blog Hop.

    Heather From and Mommy Only Has Two Hands! and Lynhea Designs

  3. Hi! I’ve been following your neat blog from Sunday Strolling. My Facebook page “Inspire” has inspiring messages. I post original quotes up to 3 times a day. Love for you to visit!

  4. You know, you could tell the kids you're Amish now, that way they would have to wear the same clothes all week except for Sunday. But darn it, you'd miss all that new fangled electricity.

  5. I love your tree comment. I had a hard time letting my kids join in, but I soon got over it. I just move everything once they are in bed.

    Thanks for stopping by Relax and Surf Sunday.