Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Blog Dare with Bloggy Moms - I need to catch up!

I would like to try and keep up with the Blog Dare, and my husband would probably make that no trying only doing quote... but I will be trying.

So to catch up on the first 4 prompts....

1. Resolutions :

I don't normally make resolutions simply because life in our house is pretty chaotic. I have daily lists of things I need to accomplish, things I want to accomplish, and things I wish I could accomplish. I have goals and although that sounds similar I don't think it really is close.
I do plan to get more exercise this year because of a health scare we had a month or so ago. We got the equipment we need for more exercise, so done. More exercise, that can be my resolution.

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2. To do list for 2011:

I would like to complete potty training with my 2 year old son. I would like to get my daughter's A1C level down another full point, if not more. I would like finish the indoor fix-its on our home (painting, trim, knobs, etc). The final big one for 2011, I would like for the adoption of our 3 older girls to be complete.

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3. Morning Routine :

Our morning routine is choreographed chaos. My husband wakes up and gets out of bed anywhere between 4am and 4:30am. He showers, dresses, and goes to work. When he is leaving that is when the older girls need to get up. So either he or myself go from door to door knocking (quietly so as not to wake the 7 year old and the 2 year old up yet).
I go downstairs and start the coffee, the lunch making, and continue the cleaning up from the previous evening. Then it seems like every morning I have to go and wake the girls up again. They really aren't morning people, not that I can blame them. I hate mornings as well.
With my oldest who is a Type 1 Diabetic, we go through; did you test, what was it, did you eat, did you do Symlin, do you have insulin in your pump, a good battery, your test kit, test strips for your kit, and a snack in case you go low?
Then it is back to lunch preparing, homework reminding, no you can't wear slippers as shoes, don't forget to brush your teeth and your hair, now go go go go or your going to miss your bus!
Then I get to sit for a few minutes, and start all over with our resident drama queen Haley the 7 year old. Wake up, get dressed (which sounds easy enough right? Well something is always irritating to her. Pants too tight, not tight enough, socks poking her toes, shirt is itchy, wants to wear short sleaves but its 20 degrees out, shoes too tight, or shoes not tight enough). Then she is dressed and ready to eat, brush, brush and go. Which usually is compounded by no you can't take any toys to school, no you don't need to take extra books, no no no...its time to go go go!

And thats the point when I flop down on the couch, cuddle up with the 2 year old and we say yay!
Thats my morning routine.

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4. Secret Single Behavior :

So since I really have continued my secret single behavior I am going to go with it.
Pj's. I like Pjs. I like to be in Pj's all day. I run to change into clothes right before my husband gets home from work because I don't want him to think I haven't been doing anything all day long. Even though I know he won't think that and he is usually aware I have spent the majority of my day in Pj's. But I do it anyway.


5. What prompted me to begin blogging:

We moved from California to Virginia a little over 2 years ago. All of my family and friends are in California. We have 5 children including our first son who was only a week old when we moved. I needed to feel some kind of connection to them and to find a way to share our everyday musings. I can write and put up pictures and everyone can see them. I feel like I am more connected to them.
After a little while it has become the only way I get to vent and communicate with other adults who have similar issues and situations like ours.
I love reading about other peoples day to days and it helps me feel normal.

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So this catches me up on all the topics for the blogging dare. Until tomorrow when I can focus on one topic...or maybe one from bloggy moms and one from my own mind.

update: Screw it, I give up. I just don't feel like blogging about all those topics.


  1. Your morning sounds very familiar. Except everyone in my house is a drama queen or king. I love my pjs too & I'm impressed that you make the effort to fool your hubs!

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  6. Blog hopper and newest follower- this was funny but the PJ's was the best! Take care


  7. wheww, I am tired just reading this! I am glad my hurried days are over! I love to spend day in my PJs. thanks for stopping & linking up. I am a new follower :)
    ~Faythe @GMT~