Saturday, January 22, 2011

This Mommy Rocks!!!

It wasn't easy and it didn't come out as exact as I tried to make it (there is nothing quite like drawing on a two year old who can't sit still), but it still looks awesome! Especially in the dark (since his cast is glow in the dark). With the choisces available in colors at the doctors office I wanted to help my adorable son like the cast that he has to wear. So when they said glow in the dark, I immediatley thought of Buzz Lightyear and my sons new love of Buzz and Woody.

I need to patent this idea and come up with a skin for casts in superhero, princess, etc (Dont' you dare steal my idea!)


  1. You did do an awesome job! Man I wish I'd had you around to decorate my cast in November.

  2. Um, that is awesome!! Where were you when my toddler broke his foot? Next break (and I'm just sure there will be one with this wild thing) I'm am taking this idea!

  3. Awesome idea. my son love Buzz too. Newest follower from WBFC.

  4. Amazing how you turned something unhappy into something funny.
    I love it.
    I glad I found your blog through saturday hop.
    Have a great weekend

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  6. Man I'm glad to see things are coming along. He'll have his cast off before you know it.

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  13. OK. That is the cutest idea EVER!!!!

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