Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Don't Like Pizza

I don't like pizza. Yep, I said it out loud. I don't like the smell, the taste, or the texture. I don't like it at all.

I am sitting here at the bar while my children and my husband are chowing down on cheese pizza and pepperoni pizza. They are having a blast being loud and eating pizza.


When I was pregnant with our son Ethan in California it was even worse. My stepdaughter (technically once removed but I don't follow that rule) is 22 now and she lived with us, our nanny/helpful live in friend, and of course my husband and the girls all love pizza. If it were up to them it would be pizza 4 to 7 times a week.
Well when I was pregnant the smell caused actual physical illness for me. Thankfully that went away, because my family's love for pizza didn't.

Now we have pizza once every week and a half maybe. And that is plenty for me! I almost feel like I am breaking some American tradition by not liking or even tolerating pizza. Am I the only one? Is there anyone else out there who dislikes this classic American grease fest of food?

Well I guess I am just weird then. I don't like pizza.


  1. hehe :) I used to hate pizza too.
    I have no idea why but my tastebuds changed after I became pregnant. I sort of craved peppercinis and jalenpenos and that pizza with a thin crust!

    Hmm...not trying to make a convert out of you because I know how I was when I hated pizza!
    Have you tried making your own pizza with "topping-stuff" you really like to eat?

  2. I'd love to be able to join Pizza-hater's club, but unfortunately I do enjoy a good slice every now and again =)

    I'm already a follower from Winter Friends Wednesday.

    Follow Back?

    Sandie lee

  3. i am your newest follower and a mother of SIX children. do you love your crazy hectic life as much as i do? please don't tell me it's smooth sailing for you! :)

    i am a new follower. i'd love to have you over at my place sometime. stop by to say hi and become a follower if you like.

    happy wednesday and happy new year!

  4. I have never heard of anyone not liking pizza. I am sure you feel left out a lot.