Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hot Damn! Happy Birthday to Me!!!

I would love to say I awoke to a clean house and happy children who wanted to bow down and wait on me hand and foot! However, I woke up in my bed and in my house so, No. It didn't happen.


I just finished cleaning my kitchen from top to bottom. Why? What the hell is wrong with you? Are you out of your f'ing mind? you may be asking... well my lovely twin daughters are having some friends over today and I have issues with people in my house and it not looking like our life is, well maybe not perfect, but at least clean. I know I have issues. (and yes I think I maybe a little out of my mind...not full on crazy for the most part but definitely off in many ways).

(I must add that my husband did sweep the floor and steam it for me. Thank you honey)

Jumping Baby Pictures, Images and PhotosI am actually supposed to be taking a shower right now. My husband took our 2 year old and Toria to go get her boyfriend (don't even get me started on that crap! Yes my 13 year old daughters both have boyfriends. But I would rather them spend time together here in my house than anywhere else, so we deal with it.)
 So I have a few minutes to myself without a toddler jumping up and down saying, Mom! Mom! Mom! (grabbing my face if I don't stop what I am doing and ask what immediately). He is a Momma's boy. Most of the time I love that, but sometimes I just want to be left the hell alone.

My husband is taking the kids to the movies today (thank you Auntie Lauren and Uncle Dustin for the 2 tickets per child as their Christmas gift. That is a cool present). So my husband is Haley's date for MegaMind and the twins are going to see...oh hell, I already forgot what they are going to see, ha! ha! But they are taking a couple of friends and meeting a shit ton more at the movies. They have been working on it all week, talking about it incessantly (which is why its so funny I can't remember what movie they are going to see). I am sorry if you are one of the people who paid money for a movie ticket and have the bad luck of being in a theatre with 20 something 13 and 14 year olds today! I sure as hell am glad its not me!

PhotobucketMy husband was worried that I would be upset and maybe they should do it on Sunday because its my birthday today. But I am not. I spend time with my family everday. We have a nice family dinner every night (and by nice family dinner I mean loud and crazy). So they can all go to the movies. My oldest daughter Macy offered to watch the 2 year old (which works because the other girls will be gone) and I am going to have a facial and a pedicure all by myself! (Thanks to my Mom who called and insisted I spend my birthday money on something only for me, cause I have issues with that too. Remember I am a bit off?)

Then I plan to go shopping. I didn't tell my husband about that part. Hee hee. I doubt I will find much or spend much, so that's not a big deal. The big deal is I plan on going shopping without and damn kids! Holy Shit and Hot Damn!

I would also like to put in a little thank you to mother nature. It snowed last night, and I love snow. So I woke up to a lovely light blanket of snow. Just enough to make it pretty but not too much to keep me from my facial, pedicure, and shopping!


  1. Happy Birthday! I'm stopping by from the Blog Hop and I'm following your blog in Google Friend Connect.


  2. Happy Birthday!
    I so wish that I could get one of those/these days. I need one....uhm badly!
    Kudos to your hubs for taking on all those teens.

  3. Happy Birthday to you! Popped over from the Over 40 bloghop to say hi.

  4. Well thanks for following me. I've really enjoy your blog and I hope you continue to write how you feel. This is one of my favorite quotes and I hope you do too!
    Be who you are and say what you feel because those that mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind DrSeuss

    I decided a long time ago that not everyone will like what I write and that is just fine with me. If I connect with a few readers then I'm happy!


  5. Oops I meant to wish you a Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoyed shopping and your pedicure!

    I love snow too! It makes me giddy when it starts coming down!


  6. OMG! A day without children? Sounds like the best birthday EVER. I know you enjoyed the peace & quiet.

  7. happy birthday! I'm totally on board for the day alone, Oh I WISH!!

  8. Hope you had a Happy Birthday! Hi. Following your from the Stepping by Saturday blog hop. Look forward to reading your blog! :)

  9. Well shit fire!!! I damn near missed it! I dont know what time it is there hooker, but it's only 11:30 in KS so I made it in time!!!!

    Happy Birthday bitch!!!!

  10. Happy Birthday!!

  11. Happy Birthday!!! Hopefully the Birthday Fairy will come next year.

  12. Happy Birthday!!! I am following from MFM. Congrats on being the featured blog. I hope your bday was great.


  13. Hope you had an awesome birthday! For my birthday I also went to the spa and got a facial and body wrap and had the morning all to myself!

    Hope you enjoyed every second of bit!

    I'm following you from Making friends Monday.

  14. hope your day turned out totally awesome. My birthday is on Tuesday. Yeah for January babies.

    new follower

  15. Happy Birthday!

    Hi I'm following you via the Monday Blog Hop. I would love for you to follow me at Tips for Saving
    Thanks and KIT!

  16. Well Happy Belated Birthday! And seriously 13 year olds with boyfriends? That scares me. My 9 yo son says he still hates girls. Maybe I will be good for a while!

  17. Happy Birthday!!! Hope your day turned out fantastic!!