Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It Would Be Rude Not To Accept This Award....Just Sayin'

Bloomingly Lovely  Awarded me with The Versatile Blogger Award....I changed it to:
(I can't award myself and how else can we get a new one started?)


  My Rules for accepting this award:

Thank the person who gave you the award and link them in your post, after all they noticed you rock.

Give us a list of things that are on your know, "just sayin'..."
Award 15 5 (however many you want) recently discovered new to you bloggers that are
worthy of such an award.

Contact these bloggers and and let them know they have been given this award and give them your rules.

Here are my things
 I'm Just Sayin'...

I have decided that my son has been too preoccupied with the lazy susan on our kitchen table and I think its time we gt him a real sit and spin of his own.

I would be willing to bet that since Ben Roethlisberger stopped being such a pussy on the field he has women throwing themselves at him and he doesn't have to assault be pushy with them now.

(We are a Steelers football family, if you don't like football I don't really care)

How is it possible my two year old can repeat the word hideous while watching Shrek, but when he asks to watch Shrek it sounds more like he is saying the word fuck and not Shrek?

A 7 year old and her father don't always make the best fashion choices...

(There was no was sunny and dry.)

I have decided to change my never wake a sleeping baby rule, or at least adjust my son into the not a baby anymore category...I can't handle the 4 hour naps that start at 3pm and end with us both being up till 2am waiting for him to get tired enough to sleep.

Getting hit with a fiberglass (waterproof) cast in the face leaves a mark and hurts like hell!

The Tv show Modern Family and the movie Red are my current favorites...if you haven't seen last weeks Modern Family I highly recommend going to Hulu and watching. ' I am just spit balling here but, Knock, Knock..'

I hate being computer illiterate! I think it would be really cool if I could understand programming shit to go with my husbands hardware knowledge, but that will never happen!
(anyone who can help me figure out how to add the code under my button on my blog so others can 'grab it' that would be awesome!)

My son telling his sisters to "shhhh!" and "b-up" (meaning shut-up) was funny as hell
until he started doing it to me!

I would love to start another blog but I can barely keep up here.

(the nickname my husband gave me, and I love it).

I would like to pass this award onto 5 blogs that have gotten my attention, kept it, and made me laugh!

these blogs are not all for the faint of other words there is no censorship, just raw true if you are not offended easily by some swear words and enjoy a good laugh I encourage you to click on over and have some adult reading time!

I personally feel these are all Badass Bloggers, I'm just sayin'...

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

Number 4

Number 5

I didn't consider those blogs I have passed awards onto before...maybe later I will do a list of Badass Bloggers to share with everyone (my personal opinions of course) since there are soooo many!


  1. Awww! Thanks bitch!!! I love it! I totally need to update my awards page, I've gotten like 3 new ones!!

    Love your face!

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  4. I totally agree with you and your choice of Badass Blogger, Absolutely Narcissism is great!

  5. Hilarious! I love that you just went ahead and started this!

    Thanks for stopping by, I'm following! :)

  6. lol, love the homemade sit and spin!

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  8. awesome! love the name change you made for the award! lol your son reminds me alot of my baby girl.

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    Adventures in Abbyland

  9. Hello! I'm a new follower via Bee Friendly Friday. I don't blame the little one for being on the Lazy Susan. I'd do it too, if I knew it could hold me. I haven't personally seen Modern Family but I hear it's a great comedy.

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  11. Being from Minnesota, we are kind of packers fans :) It's nice to meet you. I'm following you back from the blog stalk!

  12. Yay!! Go Steelers!!

    Hope they win...AGAIN

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  13. Congrats on the award!

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  14. Your son on that table is SO cute!!!

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